Attack of the Baboon

The third week of teaching at KSG has flown by. The volunteers have settled into a routine and we’re finally figuring out how to be effective with the girls. The week was off to a pretty monotonous start: dealing with porridge drama, chaotic scheduling, and other various issues at school.  On Wednesday night, we took a bus to another part of Nairobi where we had dinner and hung out at the apartment of the founder of the Africa Yoga Project. It was safer than going out in public to spend time with the Kenyan youth we are volunteering with. We spent the night listening to music and teaching each other our favorite dances. I learned how to “one drop” and helped the Americans teach the Kenyans how to Wobble (Gamma Phis I was thinking of you!).

All week, the girls at KSG have been preparing for the field trip we took on Thursday. I went with the first and second grade students to the animal orphanage in Nairobi. My students were so excited to get out of Kibera and experience something new. I knew I was going to have an interesting day when the girl I sat down by on the bus informed me that she has vomited on every single bus ride she has ever taken. I knew it was going to be even better when I handed her a plastic bag to throw up into and she promptly bit a hole in the bag. Luckily, I was out of range by the first time she threw up. When we got to the orphanage, a guide took us around and showed us the lions, hyenas, leopards, and various other animals. It was essentially a zoo. Most of the animals at the orphanage are in cages, but there are baboons and warthogs that wander around the premises. At one point, a humongous baboon aggressively chased around a few of the students trying to snatch their lunches out of their hands. The baboon was larger than most of my students so it was slightly terrifying, but also one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen.  The girls were for some reason less afraid of the baboon than they were of the ants we had encountered earlier.

Happy Fourth of July to everyone back home in the United States! I’m so sad to be missing one of my favorite holidays, but I’ll be celebrating around the guesthouse tonight with the other American volunteers. It’s not the same as the annual Daniel bash on the Chickahominy, but it’ll be a nice reminder of home after three weeks here.



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